Our story begins 30 years ago in the red soil villages of Kokkinochoria, where Europe’s finest potatoes are grown. We started with only two things: a knowledge of the soil and a belief that with dedication, know-how and attention to quality, we could bring a delicious, world-class potato to the market.

Today, the potatoes from the Fresca family farm have become a staple at dinner tables, arriving fresh at supermarkets, restaurants and hotels throughout Cyprus and Europe. The signature Fresca stamp comes from Kokkinochoria’s nutrient-rich soil, a long, stable growing season and the devotion we’ve put into raising and selecting only the very best produce for over a generation.

A new range of premium vegetables delivered to your kitchen.

In 2017, we started sourcing a whole new range of premium vegetables from local farms in Cyprus who share our vision—all washed, peeled, cut, packaged and delivered fresh from the farm to your door. 

We decided to call our new venture All Veg.



All Veg is a team of eight enthusiastic local produce experts with state-of-the-art facilities and a local heart.

The team is led by Andreas Petrides, who brings years of experience in international and local produce markets and the Fresca family tradition to his latest venture. Andreas is a regular exhibitor at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, one of the world’s largest fresh produce trade shows.

The farms we work with are no more than 40 kilometres away from our prepping factory at the Fresca Farm, located in the finest growing region in Cyprus. Our facilities at Fresca, where we cut and bag all our vegetables, have a 30-year tradition of precision and quality behind them. When you order from All Veg, you are getting premium, ready-to-use, local produce delivered to your kitchen cut just how you need it.