Products Overview

We guarantee premium vegetables delivered farm fresh to your kitchen within hours just the way you want them



Our local red and white onions are notable for their year-round availability and intense flavour. We handpick only the finest on the island, which are cut fresh and bagged to order. 

Whole and cut

Our onions come whole, quartered or diced (10 mm). We also offer special cuts for skewers and onion rings.



The best potatoes in Europe come from Cyprus. The best potatoes in Cyprus are grown in Kokkinochoria’s red, nutrient-rich soil. All Veg sources its potatoes from Fresca, Kokkinochoria’s most trusted grower and exporter of quality potatoes. This means we can offer you delicious premium potatoes year-round in whatever size or cut you want and for whatever dish you need them.

Cuts & Sizes


Our delicious premium uncooked potato chips come in 10 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm sizes, both with the skin on and skinless.

Whole and cut

We offer whole peeled potatoes in medium (35 mm), large (45 mm) and extra-large (70 mm) sizes, both with the skin on and skinless. We also prepare fresh-cut potato wedges, baking and boiling potatoes, baby potatoes, and sliced and grated potatoes. Our peeled potatoes come in quarter, one-sixth and one-eighth cuts.




Like our onions and potatoes, we handpick our carrots from local farms for freshness, flavour, colour and succulence.  

Whole and cut
Our farm fresh premium carrots come whole (peeled and unpeeled) and grated for salads.